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California State Prisons a Road Trip


City by City Discoveries breaks from it’s writings to share
We are on a mission to write about each city in California from the beginning at the letter “A” to the letter “Z”. We just completed the letter “D” ending our story about Dunsmuir, California our 120th city.

Countdown across California
After we complete each city within the letter of the alphabet we take a moment and share some locations, history of other interesting factoids about the overall state of California, today we are going to discuss our state prisons.

Turning a negative into a positive
When we mentioned that we were going to write a story about the detention centers across California we wanted to come up with a way to turn this not so happy experience into something positive. What better way to accomplish this task then to suggest that while in California that you set out on a venture across all points California visiting each California Correctional Center

By the numbers we discover the CDC
The California Detention Centers within California are a dark but true part of life in California, from locations right along the California Coastline to locations in the middle of farmland to even still, some of our coldest snow and hottest desert regions of our large state.

California is a very diverse and active state
It is said that within California you are going to discover and even find everything imaginable in the world taking place here in California and no more is this truer then within our California Correctional Facilities.

We are here to introduce you to all of the California Distension Centers
With over 300,000 total state incarcerated inmates serving time in one of the 33 California State Prisons not to mention the California residents serving time in sub-contracted state prisons near 7,000, in other states of our country, then we have the 9 Juvenile Institutions plus the county and city jails of the state with inmates.

In addition to all of these facilities there is within California 40 Detention Camps, 12 community Correctional Facilities and 5 Prison Mom Facilities.

How much jail time are Californian’s serving?
Nearly 24,000 are doing life but behind that almost 700 are on death row that has got to suck a lot, especially when the medium age of a California Corrections inmate is 37 years young.

The best news about California Corrections
California prisons employ over 63,000 persons to work within the walls of these very dangerous facilities, these men, woman and officer dogs are to be commended for their services, these are tough jobs at no so nice places of employment. 

The no so good news about California Corrections
The cost to house an inmate on average annually is near $50,000 dollars, more then 93% of all inmates are men and Hispanics outnumber blacks and whites as the most of any race to be incarcerated. 

Percentage of Californian’s serving time
This is an amazing amount of inmates from the outset but actually for the number of residents residing in prisons to the number of residents living in California near 37,000,000 million, a few hundred thousand is not so bad a percentage.

Wouldn’t it be fun to take a road trip?
Wow what a great thought to wonder along the highways of California making the trip to each prison taking a picture even getting your photo taken in front of each prisons sign a neat thing to get to do. This type of road trip would certainly be very unique because these prisons are located throughout California and visiting each California Correctional Facility.

Killer Road Sign
When you do drive near any prison there is a sign you will come across that warns to never stop and pick up anyone hitchhiking because of the possibility that they could be one of the over 200 that escape from a correctional facilities each year.

Think about all the wonderful discoveries you could make while making your way to each prison in California. Some of these prisons are located in some really great regions of California.

Let’s look at where some these prisons are located
Looking at taking the Logic road trip challenge we thought we should share the great locations of these prisons and some California prison location facts.

Map of California Prisons
The way the State of California lays out their map of the California Correctional Facilities is by breaking the map of California into three parts, southern sort of Los Angeles to the Mexican Border, Central sort of Santa Barbara to Oakland or just south of the San Francisco Bay area and the northern from the bay area to the Oregon Border.

How many California State Prisons in each region
Strangely enough there seems to be an equality of the number of state prisons located in each of the 3 regions
In the northern region of California there are 13 California Correctional Facilities 11 are Adult Prisons and 2 are Juvenile Prisons.
In the central region of California there are 13 California Correctional Facilities all Adult Prisons.
In the southern region of California there are 12 California Correctional Facilities 9 are Adult Prisons and 3 are Juvenile Prisons.   

Heaviest concentration of prisons
Looking at the California Department of Corrections map we see that outside of the general area around San Francisco is where there is the highest concentration of prisons all of the or prisons of California are located.

The concentration of prisons in California where most all prisons are located within the central valley of California with about a half a dozen more located in the farthest outlying areas like around our state borderlines.

California’s most famous prison
The most famous still active prison outside of the California State Park, Alcatraz Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay that closed in 1963, is San Quentin State Prison (see San Quentin State Prison) some of the most expensive real estate in California this California Correctional Facility is also located on the shore line and bay of the San Francisco Bay.
Some of the best views of the San Francisco Bay

There are two prisons that are located near the coastline of the Pacific Ocean that share something in common they are bordering locations even though one is the very top of the state and the other is at the very bottom of the state.

The first is in the farthest location in Northern California before you cross over into our neighboring state of Oregon that has a really awesome name Pelican Bay State Prison (see Pelican Bay State Prison) in Crescent City in the County of Del Norte our Region 13 of California (see Crescent City in California Discoveries city by city) and the second is R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility (see R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility) in San Diego and San Diego County California our Region 1 located near the Mexican Border.

There are four prisons located in the lower desert, the Southern California Desert our Region 1
The first one is also located on the border between California and the Mexican Border in Imperial County is the California State Prison Centinela (see State Prison Centinela)

The second is located in Imperial County in the City of Calipatria (see Calipatria in California Discoveries city by city) and also (see Calipatria State Prison)

The third and forth are located in Blythe near the Arizona State Border where the Ironwood State Prison (see Ironwood State Prison) a medium custody prison and the low and medium level inmates of the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (see the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison)

There are only 2 prisons located near the Nevada Border up in Northern California in our Region 12 in Lassen County one is the High Desert State Prison in Susanville (see High Desert State Prison) that is a high level IV prison and a minimum custody prison California Correctional Center (see California Correctional Center Susanville

California Prisons built before 1900
These wonderful works of stone and mesentery are architectural wonders that share the permanent feeling that a modern day prison does not convey though equally and intensely very intimidating. These 3 prisons built in the 1800’s are great examples of institutions.

Folsom State Prison
The oldest prison and its 2 cousins of the 1800’s
California has been in the incarceration business since 1852 when San Quentin was opened on the San Francisco Bay on the Pacific Ocean and coastline of California in San Quentin, California (see California’s oldest prison San Quentin) followed by Folsom State Prison in Represa, California built in 1880 in our Region 11 in Sacramento County home to the California State Capitol (see Folsom State Prison)  and the last prison built in California before the 1900’s and built in 1892 is the Preston Youth Correctional Facility in Lone, California the County of Calaveras in our Region 10 (see the Preston Youth Correctional Facility).
Preston Prison for Youth Offenders

The oldest modern day prison built after 1900 in California
The oldest active prison in the California Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility was built in 1933 in Tehachapi on the California State Route and Freeway the 101 just inside our Region 6 south of San Francisco and north of Monterey, California is the California Correctional Institution in Soledad (see California Correctional Institution) a level I, II, IV, RC and SHU.

The newest prison in California
The newest active prison in the California Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility was built in 2005 in Delano within Kern County (see Kern Valley State Prison) in the central valley of California also known as the Agricultural region if California located in our Region 7 (see Delano in California Discoveries city by city) a level I and IV.

Last California Department of Corrections prison built in California
Until the Kern Valley State prison was opened in 2005 California had not had a new prison built since 1997 when the newest prison until the Delano prison project was the California Substance Abuse and Treatment Facility built and opened in 1997 (see California Substance Abuse and Treatment) located in Corcoran, California in our Region 7 within Kings County (see Corcoran in California Discoveries city by city)

Logic wishes your road trip well

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