Wednesday, September 02, 2015

American Machined Yucca Valley, CA.

Logic birthday 2015
Logic enjoyed a great birthday on the 24th of August 2015.
Thank you our friends that made contact to wish Logic a Happy Birthday 2015.

Viper Logic American Machined
Viper Logic updates:
As you might have read from when we shared our updating status for Viper Logic on July 24, 2015, about going from a computer software and hardware engineering and development company, to an American Design, Engineer. Machine. company.
That status for Viper Logic Corp is here at American Made

In this update we are sharing how we needed to add a domain name to the new company.
Domain Names are still very important to all businesses.
We purchased that will be directed to our machining page at Viper Logic as we update our content and begin adding our American Made products.

For those utilizing one or more domain names it is really important to get those two domain names correlated to work on various sections of the same website, in our case that would be an additional domain name to support the search engines criteria to help persons seeking our products, we at Viper Logic are no different, we needed a domain name as an assistant to support the search engine keyword for American and Machined.

We have shared the same message for over two decades now on this very blog, yet once again we are still wanting to help others understand the importance of having a key-worded domain name as a stronger way to be found and be found accurately by persons doing a search (in our case) for American Made Products in the area of machined.

We will be back to update our progress on the new focused Viper Logic project later in September including pictures and takeaways.

Thank you our friends and family for your continued encouragement.

Logic American MachinedCatnip American Machined
Lance Conway and Patrick Lara

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Palm Springs Shopping Part 2

Palm Springs, California

Part 2 of 2

Thank you for reading part 1 of 2.

This is not a sales pitch.
You are smart enough to know the facts laid out below, this is a proven working system of utilizing a key worded domain name in an affordable way

If you have read this far you must have an interest in knowing even more about how to control your sales growth looking forward as Palm Springs area adds 4 new hotels, many restaurants, and yes new fresh retail stores in the new Palm Springs Desert Fashion Plaza.

Palm Springs is expanding
In addition to the main downtown as a place for visitors and locals to shop and hangout, there is now the North Palm Canyon Drive, South Palm Canyon Drive and even the East Palm Canyon Drive. Great for the overall Palm Springs area, true however this also spreads out the total number of exposures that your business might have otherwise gained in eyeballs and foot traffic.

How does a retailer compete with the new buzz of freshness being added daily and with even more planned and in the works?
Buy an online experience before visitors arrive into Palm Springs.

You start by growing your online exposure, get these people to commit to a visit into your store, you might even include non competing additional retailer experiences nearest your store to entice these visitors to come in while visiting the Palm Springs area.

The development and maintenance of Palm Springs Shopping ( is going to require a little effort, nothing new for you as I am sure you work hard daily in your store as it is, and if you are not into online site work, then have your online content and site service handle these efforts for you, besides you are going to be busy greeting and assisting your newly arriving foot traffic.

Understanding a domain names value.
Lets start with what keywords and and what they mean to the search engines that bring them to the visitors.

The domain name is being utilized for this educational understanding.

Where is your store located?
Palm Springs, or the Palm Springs area.

What are you offering an online visitor?
Shopping and general information about Palm Springs and the greater Palm Springs area.

A person performing a search types in: Palm Springs Shopping

What are the issues that search engines (algorithms) look at when determining which site is displayed first or at the top of the page?
Is the domain name wording providing information about shopping in Palm Springs?

Is the site a .com (the most trusted domain name extension or ending, known as a top-level-domain)?

Is the domain name a clean domain name?
Yes (in other words has the name been utilized for spamming or inappropriate uses in its past)

Is the domain name newly registered for the first time or has it been registered for a while?
No it has been registered, but not utilized by us since February 17, 2002.

Does the site have content that is the most relevant to the person searching for shops in Palm Springs?
Yes (if you build the site to have the best content related to shopping in the Palm Springs area).

Does the site support tablet and smart phone viewing abilities?
Yes (it does when you build a site these days correctly).

Is the site relate to an actual business operating in Palm Springs?
Yes (if it is actually located or registered in Palm Springs, California).

In closing:
You might be asking yourself, this is a lot of money, and effort, true but being in business is costly and efforts are well, never ending, but the acquisition of a great top level domain name becomes an asset to the buyers business.

You might also be asking yourself.
I already have a site, so how does this work for me?
The keyword domain name system is a growth tool, if you want more online, and ultimately, more foot traffic to your business, then a search trusted, well developed, and maintained site will bring people to it, from the keyword domain name the visitor then will want to know more and the links within the site along with images, and descriptions about the items you are offering will be there for them to click through to visit.

Are you utilizing social networks, and image share sites currently?
Social profiles and image sharing site are great (as an additional place for exposure), while you do not own the content, and you have little, but mostly no control over the advertising, news feeds, or site suggestions these sites offer, you have 100% control over what has to share.

This concludes our once in a lifetime offer to sale this domain name to you and allow you to build your business to be what in your heart you want it to be, or become.

Yea Yucca
Palm Springs Shopping Palm SPrings Shopping
Logic and Catnip
We are SEO / SEM certified (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing Certified) and are here to help you, answer your questions, even see through your entire online mission to results.

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Palm Springs Shopping Part 1

Palm Springs, California

Part 1 of 2

Small shops in Palm Springs?
How do you advertise against big brands that can afford to buy Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns for 1000s, 10’s of 1000’s even 100’s of thousands of dollars monthly, on each of the 3 main search engines and the dozens of image and social sharing sites.

If you answered, you cannot, then please read on.

Welcome to the keyword domain name world of advertising.
This might sound complex, but truth is, it is not.

We recently sold our domain name to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway as they are aware that to control the arriving visitors into the Palm Springs area they needed to own this domain name along with their current domain name so that visitors would find them first and foremost when performing a search via the Internet.

How well do you know Palm Springs?
Probably really well.

With a little work, sharing information and images of about the city of Palm Springs, information you likely already know all about, and descriptions of the great goods and services you have too offer, you have the ingredients to make our domain name the number one site related to the key search words Palm Springs Shopping known as

The website can be produced for a little money, even be tablet and smart phone enabled, for those on the go visiting from wherever.

Domain Name For Sale
We are offering the domain name and the instructions to make this domain name perform as we are sharing for a one time fee of $40,000.00 USD., including transfer escrow for both of ours protection.

Once the domain name is sold, it is forever gone.
If you do not understand what makes a domain name so powerful, and so desirable, by big advertisers, then please visit our sister website that shares 11 Easy Steps to Select and Buy a Keyword Domain Name.

Thank you for allowing us to share with you today from our new home in Yucca Valley, California,

Yea Yucca
Palm Springs Shopping Logic Palm Springs Shopping Logic
Logic and Catnip

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

THC Strength Tester

Marijuana THC level testing
Happy and safe portable marijuana THC levels test detectors

Viper Logic Yucca Valley, CA.
Hi my name is Logic, we are Viper Logic Corp. a computer software and hardware engineering and development company located in Yucca Valley, CA.

We are offering the sale of 2 domain names devoted to marijuana THC level detection.
Are you a medical marijuana user, seller, buyer, grower or are you just interested in knowing how much THC is in your marijuana selection, before you buy it?

Guess no more as there are many of manufacturers producing Portable THC Detection and Strength devices that will allow the medical and recreational users of this legalized product.

Know before you buy, this will prevent being sold a less then presented marijuana for the last and final time.

Today’s marijuana user is educated in what they are looking for and despite all of the fancy names given to the marijuana’s available, and there are many, it is not how much weed you get for your money, but rather it is all about how much what you get actually contains the ingredient THC.

Marijuana chocolate bars
We at Viper Names liken to compare the THC level in marijuana to the heath benefits of coco, that percentage in chocolate bars can be very little 2% or as high as 90%, and high end chocolate bars print right on the front of the wrappers what percentage is in that bar.
We have two domain names devoted to helping people, consumers, sellers, and growers find their websites through search terms that will be utilized by buyers in the coming months as many portable THC detectors will begin rolling off of the assembly lines from America and China.

Only those selling the detectors that are easy to find and are not wanting to pay for placed advertizing spaces on social and search engines are going to profit from this growing demand.
Do not be left out, and by all means, do not let the competition beat you out of the sales of these great portable THC Detectors.

Thank you,
Marijuana Logic Marijuana Catnip
Logic and Catnip.

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