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National Hot Dog Day Yucca Valley 07/23

UPDATE on the turn out Sonic Drive-In for National Hot Dog Day 2014.
We went to the drive in for ourselves, on Wednesday, and though we must admit and telling the truth always, we did not get a hot dog, but we did get their famous Sonic Ice, it is ice like no other ice, especially if you like to chew your ice while drinking say, a soda. We entered the drive thru and the line was the longest we have seen yet while living here in Yucca Valley. We got through the line soon enough and as we were in line we observed that the some 30 drive up service stalls for vehicles were mostly all full, the few tables (I think 5 total were all full of parents with children and one had 3 in uniformed Marines at it since we live only 22 miles from the largest Marine Base on earth) were all full of very happy people.

What Logic and Catnip bought from Sonic Drive-In.
We received 2 giant bags of the famous Sonic Ice that all locations apparently sale, 1 Route 44 unsweetened Ice Tea.
We asked the girl working the drive thru window what the daily sales were like and she shared that they had been packed since 8:00 AM and we arrived at 1:00 PM she said it had not let up at all and that she thought the afternoon and evening would be even busier, and she further went on to share that one drive thru customer she served ordered 40 All American Hot Dogs, but did not say if they were plain or with the Chili Cheese since they were both offered all day and night for $1.00 each with I guess no limit on how many a person could buy since she shared here largest order from a single drive thru customer with us.

We hope you had a great National Hot Dog Day in your area.

Logic and Catnip reporting from Yucca Valley, CA.   

Life in the Town of Yucca Valley has its moments and today is one of those moments.

Sonic Drive-In Menu
It is National Hot Dog Day 2014.

National Hot Dog Day
Living in Yucca Valley?
If you would like to indulge in a hot dog or two to celebrate the National Day of Hot Dogs, you will either have to do the way Logic does it and cook your own, or you can get a hot dog at only one place in Yucca Valley, that would be the Sonic Drive-In where they bring these great dogs too your car on roller skates.

The Sonic Drive-In Yucca Valley offers great food as Logic and best friend Catnip enjoy a pair of Bacon Cheese Burger Toaster, 1 Chili Cheese Tater Tots, 1 Jalapeno Poppers with 2 Ranch Dressings, and 2 Route 44 Sodas every week. We actually eat at the few tables as apposed to eating in our car.

Sonic Drive In is offering $1.00 All American Hot Dogs and Chili Dogs, no know limit for today the 23rd of July.
Logic nor Catip work for or are they paid to represent or promote Sonic Drive In, we just love the the company and their team members.

The Sonic Drive-In offers many hot dog menu types and there is sure to be one that is best for you, so enjoy the National Hot Dog Day and have an even great time celebrating with friends, family, or co-workers.

About National Hot Dog Day
National Hot Dog Day is celebrated in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Love to all,
Logic and Catnip.
Sonic Logic Sonic Catnip

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Desert Love

keyword domain names at viper names
Are you like Logic and Catnip, aka. Lance & Patrick?
You have a love for the desert.

High Desert Cactus Yucca Valley
Maybe you want to sell artwork that features a desert theme, you want to raise awareness for the fragile environment that makes up the desert life, or you want to offer desert produced products, this is an easy lesson on how to make your goal happen.

What does Desert Love mean too us?
First of all we live in the Town of Yucca Valley, CA., the Mojave Desert known also as the upper desert and home to the famous Death Valley, the lowest below sea-level place and the hottest (highest on record temperature) place in the USA. It is also home to the Joshua Tree National Park where Logic and Catnip actually live near one of the entrances to the park, this is also where the largest free standing boulder on earth is located (see Giant Rock).

So we live in the desert, we love the desert, we love the people who live in the desert, and we really enjoy the animals and plants in the desert as well, lastly there is the weather dry and warm one week of snow fall annually and temperatures that reach over 100 degrees in the driest, hottest month of the year July.

Buy or partner with Viper Logic on only goes once.
We have only one opportunity for the person seeking the most visitors (targeted website traffic) to visit a website devoted to all things desert and love of the desert.

Is it not high desert time you get a business up, running, and making money offering what you already love? “Desert Love” can and will do this for you with this domain name and yes some help from us Viper Logic who are experienced with getting websites the attention they need and you deserve.

Meet Desert Love .com a domain name that will achieve the task of popularity for your desert love desert themed website.

Here are the donning, boring details, though important for a full understanding of how domain names make a business work.

Here is a quick lesson about making money through a keyword domain name.
Keywords breakdown:
Desert expresses a dry arid place, generally meaning a very low amount of annual rainfall.
Love means a passion or tenderness for and at time an obsession for love.

Domain Name extensions global
Understanding the Domain Name extension or ending.
Example of a domain name extension is a .com, .net, .org and these days anything under the sun.
What you need to clearly understand is that if you have anything other then .com for your domain name ending you are wasting your time.
To prove this to yourself type in a search for anything you want, look and the search engine returns, they are all .com ending or extensions.
Think also of your favorite website food or social or material items they all have a .com extension.
There is a reason this .com ending is what it is, search engines trust .com over all other endings.

What are keywords and what do these words mean to a search engine?
Keywords are the words a human types into a search engine.
The search engine brings to the searcher the search results.
Those results are obtained by the search engine through computer algorithms searching crawled sites for keywords that are a match or related to the words the searcher typed in.
The search engine starts with the domain name, (using the words that make up the domain name) then the content and the content weight (content weight is a formula capturing the amount of times the searchers words typed in to their search are applied into the websites content and the number of website pages utilizing those searched keywords) of the websites available to the search engine.
Then the return results are brought back to the searchers computer and that human can click on the choices from the top of the page paid ads (PPC) Pay Per Click followed by the natural return sites generally about 10 websites per page.

Domain Name search trust.
The first date a domain name is registered is also a part of the trust with search engines, the older the domain name is and providing it the domain name is not tied to shady prior usages like spamming or a scam this will remain true.
Desert Love was registered with us on June 14, 1999.
The domain name is over 15 years in age.

We are Viper Logic a Software and Hardware Engineering Service located in Yucca Valley, CA.
We also offer keyword domain names to help drive traffic and ultimately sales for your business.

Viper Logic Software Developers Yucca Valley
“We don’t just build websites, we make them work”
Viper Logic Corp.
P.O. Box 2587
Yucca Valley, CA. 92286
Call: 760-320-1414
Call Toll Free: 855-750-1414

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Website Help - Yucca Valley, CA.

Hi how is it going Yucca Valley business owners?

Software Engineering Help Yucca Valley, CA
Please meet the newbies
We are the guys, Lance & Patrick at Viper Logic, a newly relocated, but defiantly not a new (In Business Since 1993), business into the Town of Yucca Valley.

We love living here in Yucca Valley, and we mostly love the people we have meet and are looking forward to meeting many more great people like you.

We offer website and data management help.
If you need a little help getting your website updated or just want to add items, offers, specials or events great, we do that, but we also help in driving traffic through keyword domain names and other tools including Search Engine Optimization, call to action via a shopping cart to sell your items online, etc.

We do not offer graphic design, social network marketing as we are an engineering service specializing in:
Website, Device Driver and Firmware Development.
Software Development Languages:
C#, C++, C, Java, VB, Assembly.
Website Internet Languages:
HTML 5, PHP, .NET, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL.

We look forward to meeting you, even if you do not require our services, we are still here to be your friend, this is, after all a small town and community.

Website Help Yucca Valley Viper Logic Logo
Contact Software Developers Yucca Valley, CA.
Viper Logic Corp.
P.O. Box 2587
Yucca Valley, CA. 92286
Call: 760-320-1414
Toll Free: 855-750-1414

Call and talk to
Lance Conway
Operations Manager
Patrick E. Lara
Chief Technology Officer

Friday, July 11, 2014

Domain Names build business success

Hi friends.
Logic avatar for Viper Logic
Lance Conway aka. “Logic” the avatar for Viper Logic wants to share what domain names SECURE for any business.

Viper Logic operates an additional website that offers domain names, many registered over 15 years ago, and a few near 20 years ago, search engine popularity factoid, a domain names age is one part of the search engine confidence builder resulting in achieving even better search return results.

What I would love to share, and wish for you would read about, is the great power of a domain name, here.
Understanding the Power of a good Domain Name.

In the mean time, we would like to share our newly updated list of domain names for sale or partnership in your business, or future business.
Please take a look, see if we are offering a name that you could utilize.
If you are searching for new ideas for a business, apply your imagination to envision what a domain name can do to bring your idea to life.

domain names for sale website logo
.com Domain Names for sale another important search engine trust tip is that .com domain name extensions are the top of the food chain for trust and search engines return results.

We have been at the domain name investment business for 21 years now, and can show how and what a domain name means for your existing business, or the idea of starting a new business. A business today starts with a domain name.

Viper Logic is now proudly located in Yucca Valley, California.

Viper Logic software development logo
Viper Logic Corp.
P.O. Box 2581
Yucca Valley, CA. 92286
Tool Free Number 855-750-1414
Since 1993

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