Thursday, August 21, 2014

Domain Name Sold -

Domain Name Sold
We sold a great business building domain name to a new owner.

Business growth help on a fixed budget
Our domain name website traffic and sales building service can help you and if you read here, it is very affordable by all businesses.

Read the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway story here at Palm Springs Tram

Palm Springs domain names
The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway bought a domain name from Viper Logic Corp. in Yucca Valley. This is great for the site and tramway operator but the name would have best served most any Palm Springs area business that wanted to bring traffic awareness and ultimately sales to its services or products business operating in the tourism city of Palm Springs.

We owned the domain name since October 21, 2005.

Viper Logic is devoted to helping businesses grow through our Internet knowledge that began in May 1993, we helped the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and we can help you as well.

Example of how a domain name can help grow your current or new business idea into an online powerhouse.
Let’s say you are operating a business in Palm Springs, any business that is servicing the tourists that arrive annually into Palm Springs, we would apply either Palm Springs International Airport or Palm Springs Shopping to content and images then links to the services or products you offer to visitors wanting to come or arriving into Palm Springs, there is more to this traffic and business tactic but we are sharing how a domain name developed into real informative information can and does grow a business competing with many others in the same search engine categories like restaurants or hotels already do in the City of Palm Springs, CA.

domain name keyword top-level help
See if we have a domain name to help your business at Viper Names, keyword top-level Domain Names

Need expert help buying the right domain name for your new or existing business read, learn and hire us through Domain Name Assistance 

Thank you to our new buyer of the domain name Palm Springs Aerial Tram .com and we wish you continued success and ever growing ridership.

Viper Logic Corp.
P.O. Box 2587
Yucca Valley, CA. 92286
Call us at 855-750-1414 or locally at 760-320-1414
Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Your friends and computer software and hardware engineering service,
Lance Conway and Patrick Lara  

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Living Life in Yucca Valley, CA. Chamber of Commerce

On April 01, 2014 Logic and Catnip relocated to Yucca Valley, CA.
We did not know a person however we did need to get business for our computer software and hardware engineering services business.

We are a 21+ year old software coding company (legally old enough to drink) and we have clients, we did bring some of those clients with us making the move to Yucca Valley a bit easier and more affordable, however that being said we needed more work locally from businesses, the Twentynine Palm Marine Base, or the actual towns who may be in need of a local supplier of our services and the question came up?

How do we get work for our software development business when we are new to a small town or city?

Relocation to a new town or city means there are choices to make for a business.
When we relocated from Yorba Linda, CA. to Palm Springs in 1999 we were already members of the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce as well as members of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce years before relocating since were always traveling to the desert tourist destination since being children and that helped us be already acclimated with the business culture in Palm Springs, CA.

Our history of making connections.

Building business connections pre-internet
Viper Logic Corp. founded in May 1993 went online with its first website in 1995 we manufactured controller cards, heat detection sensors, smart cable devices, wrote the software, drivers, and firmware offering computer controller cards for the SCSI market mostly for OEM (original equipment manufacturers)  Manufacturers. Back then the Internet was not as popular or rich with information as it is today, we made our first online sale in 1997, it was a SCSI cable and this was a giant deal too us.
In order to make connections for our newer business back in the early 1990’s we would receive snail mail use the yellow pages, buy call lists, fly (who still does that) to meet OEM manufacturers in the Silicon Valley, Japan, Europe, Germany and attend trade shows like in Las Vegas the Comdex Computer trade show (later replaced with CES consumer electronics show) or the Cebit in Hannover, Germany (who still does that?).

While located in Palm Springs, CA.
We were in Palm Springs from August 1999 to march 2014.
While in the Coachella Valley we added to our Palm Springs Chamber memberships to include Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Indio and Desert Hot Springs, in addition to the chambers we joined the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, the Palm Springs Business Network, the Palm Springs Hotel and Hospitality Association, Rotary International sunup, and the Desert Business Associations and were active ion both being board members and contributors to services as well as participating in nearly all of the events held by each.

We ended all of our regional memberships around 2006.

The decision to end those sources was for two main reasons.
The Internet took over for nearly all of our business contact needs and besides by then we had many local business connections and even some of our closest friends, and this ending was just as the great rescission hit and hit many of the people in the Coachella Valley whom were clearly over extended, thankfully Logic and Catnip and Viper Logic were not extended at all which is also not always a good thing but a survivable thing non the less, the slowdown in tourism town made meeting new business leads nearly non existent and we had run the connections we made for about all they had to offer, and besides being an active member of these organizations can be time consuming, so if you are no longer benefiting from these groups it is then time to seek new opportunities for your business to continue its growing path.

Moving into our planned relocation.
We had planned to move into the Morongo Basin where Yucca Valley is located in 2012 after choosing over Thermal California (near the Salton Sea) due to the escalating violence from the gang activity that is now moving westward, closer into Palm Springs from the eastern end of the 45 mile long 15 mile wide Coachella Valley.

Should Viper Logic join the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce?
The quick answer is NO.
The long answer is how we roll at Logic’s Blog, so here it is.
While there are plenty of reasons for why a business does or does not join a local organization.
Our reason for saying at this time deserves to be shared.
To begin you need to be reminded that we have been researching the Morongo Basin since 2012, once the decision to relocate here was for sure.

Filing for our business license.
We requested our business license from the Town of Yucca Valley and paid our annual fee, the lowest we had ever paid in our 21+ year past, $56.00 dollars for year on and $41.00 dollars each year after.

Joining the Chamber
In our investigation we searched out all membership organizations, groups, clubs, even hobby or common interest meetings and what we have found has produced a new path for us to pursue after only 4 months of actually living here in Yucca Valley.

The Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce.
They charge based on our small size of 0-5 persons $180.00 + a $25.00 Processing Fee and $180.00 per year there after unless you add more persons to your business.

Prior to the Internet we would have signed up for the chamber the day we knew we would be relocating into Yucca Valley. and we still wold today if we wanted to pay to make friends that we are making on our own at this time anyways, besides unless the chamber has strong ties to the towns leaders for introductions then again we can go it alone, after all this is a very small 20,000 resident town.

What is shocking to me as a former chamber board and committee member is that there was no one that contacted us when we filed for our business license, this is how most chambers seek new members to grow the members and this feeds (in part) the existing members.
1st place the chamber failed us.
How chambers know about new businesses is that the town like all towns and cities produce a list of the new business license filings and then they contact those for offers to join the chamber of commerce.
2nd place the chamber failed us.
The price ratio to member ratio is out of sink to us.

Here is the current list of businesses Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce

What is the Viper Logic, getting business plan?
While we may join the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce one day, we currently do not see this as the avenue for us, instead we will go forward with an aggressive online awareness campaign and maybe an advertisement in our 2 favorite local papers the High Desert Star and the Desert Trail papers.

Hope you have a YEAH YUCCA! day & week,
Lance Conway and Patrick Lara
Logic & Catnip.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Yucca Valley California slogan


We have created a slogan to express our feelings for the Town of Yucca Valley, CA.

What for or how do you apply this slogan?
Ok lets say you are scratching a lottery ticket you just bought from one of our many local stores or markets and it is a winner, you would yell out for all to hear Yeah Yucca.
Another example to express how proud you are to be representing the town of Yucca Valley that your Yucca Valley High School Trojans team just beat the competing team the players shout out Yeah Yucca

You get the need for this great slogan and representative for Yucca Valley, CA.

logic mascot catnip mascot
Lance Conway and Patrick Lara aka. Logic & Catnip relocated ourselves and our software engineering and development business Viper Logic into Yucca Valley on April 01, 2014 (no April Fools joke) and are considered newbies to this great high desert town located about 35 minutes, 27.1 miles out of (we are so happy) Palm Springs, CA.

For years we had been planning our relocation into Yucca Valley and while sitting around the City of Palm Springs waiting to move, we created a slogan for how we were, and are continually feeling about this great little town.

Please meet our slogan:

Boy oh boy we are really proud of the area, town, city, region we are living within.
Logic and best friend forever Catnip.

Unrelated thought about life as we see it.

Life is great if you live it now, not later.
We are all reminded that life is short, even too short, truth is, we are living longer and healthier today and once in the while the number of years for human life expectancy is growing, so the old saying is no linger really true, in fact it is generally utilized by those that do not spend time with, or look out for, those closest to them along the journey that is life.

The slogan Yeah Yucca is first used here in text and verbally by Lance Conway on January 02, 2012 for Logic’s Blog and Viper Logic Corp. owners Lance Conway and Patrick Lara.

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Yucca Valley, CA. Sheriffs Department substation

Living in a town that looks out for its own.
Yucca Valley Landers are rural areas in California.
If you are coming into the Morongo Basin Yucca Valley area, you best behave.
Yucca Valley does not have a police or fire department, they are serviced by the County of San Bernardino, so while they and the California Highway Patrol (who is responsible for the only 2 State Highways, State Route 62 and State Route 247, but assists the Sheriffs) work the town and surrounding areas, thus we are mostly a self policing town. Many residents are armed and know how to use guns through access to ranges and the open desert, when needed will use force in response to the response times for this region of the Mojave Desert.
Here is a link to the San Bernardino Sheriffs Office in Yucca Valley’s neighboring town of Joshua Tree see S.B. Sheriffs Dept.

San Bernardino Sheriffs Vehicle
We still need to test the response times for where we are living to procure the amount of resources we will require to hold off intruders until the sheriffs department arrives.

Logic mascot avatar Catnip mascot avatar
Logic and Catnip.

We will be sharing our findings about the Yucca Valley area San Bernardino Fire Department

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