Monday, July 21, 2014

Website Help - Yucca Valley, CA.

Hi how is it going Yucca Valley business owners?

Software Engineering Help Yucca Valley, CA
Please meet the newbies
We are the guys, Lance & Patrick at Viper Logic, a newly relocated, but defiantly not a new (In Business Since 1993), business into the Town of Yucca Valley.

We love living here in Yucca Valley, and we mostly love the people we have meet and are looking forward to meeting many more great people like you.

We offer website and data management help.
If you need a little help getting your website updated or just want to add items, offers, specials or events great, we do that, but we also help in driving traffic through keyword domain names and other tools including Search Engine Optimization, call to action via a shopping cart to sell your items online, etc.

We do not offer graphic design, social network marketing as we are an engineering service specializing in:
Website, Device Driver and Firmware Development.
Software Development Languages:
C#, C++, C, Java, VB, Assembly.
Website Internet Languages:
HTML 5, PHP, .NET, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL.

We look forward to meeting you, even if you do not require our services, we are still here to be your friend, this is, after all a small town and community.

Website Help Yucca Valley Viper Logic Logo
Contact Software Developers Yucca Valley, CA.
Viper Logic Corp.
P.O. Box 2581
Yucca Valley, CA. 92286
Call: 760-320-1414
Toll Free: 855-750-1414

Call and talk to
Lance Conway
Operations Manager
Patrick E. Lara
Chief Technology Officer

Friday, July 11, 2014

Domain Names build business success

Hi friends.
Logic avatar for Viper Logic
Lance Conway aka. “Logic” the avatar for Viper Logic wants to share what domain names SECURE for any business.

Viper Logic operates an additional website that offers domain names, many registered over 15 years ago, and a few near 20 years ago, search engine popularity factoid, a domain names age is one part of the search engine confidence builder resulting in achieving even better search return results.

What I would love to share, and wish for you would read about, is the great power of a domain name, here.
Understanding the Power of a good Domain Name.

In the mean time, we would like to share our newly updated list of domain names for sale or partnership in your business, or future business.
Please take a look, see if we are offering a name that you could utilize.
If you are searching for new ideas for a business, apply your imagination to envision what a domain name can do to bring your idea to life.

domain names for sale website logo
.com Domain Names for sale another important search engine trust tip is that .com domain name extensions are the top of the food chain for trust and search engines return results.

We have been at the domain name investment business for 21 years now, and can show how and what a domain name means for your existing business, or the idea of starting a new business. A business today starts with a domain name.

Viper Logic is now proudly located in Yucca Valley, California.

Viper Logic software development logo
Viper Logic Corp.
P.O. Box 2581
Yucca Valley, CA. 92286
Tool Free Number 855-750-1414
Since 1993

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Computer Software Developers Yucca Valley, CA.

Viper Logic Corp.
Since 1993
Computer Software and Hardware Engineering Services.

Yucca Valley, California welcomes a software engineering firm that can handle the software coding for projects, small or large, and perhaps today, what is only a thought in the mind of a person with an idea can become a reality through our expertise.

Viper Logic Logo
We are low-level code writers with experience, easy to work with from start to finish, including continued maintenance of software, websites, online stores, data mining, domain names, website search engine optimization.

Viper Logic specializes in:
Website, Device Driver and Firmware Development.
Windows, Linux and Embedded Platforms.
C#, C++, C, VB, Assembly.
HTML 5, PHP, .NET, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL.

How we help clients:
To understand what Viper Logic offers to their clients is best described like this,  if you have a website project that you would like to offer via information, a download, or a new physical product to customers, then Viper Logic will do this for you in parts, or we can provide the entire project and all of these services provided are Made In America by us or though us working closely with our 21 years of partners. 

You might like to just call me, my name is Lance at 760-320-1414 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.
You may also call our Toll Free number 855-750-1414

How to build your product or grow your existing business:
To learn more please visit our website Viper Logic click on the “How We Work” tab to learn more.

Logic avatar Viper Logic Catnip avatar Viper Logic
Thank you for considering Viper Logic Corp.
Lance Conway & Patrick Lara.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Halliday Liquor &Deli

Welcome to where Logic & Catnip hangout at corner store.
Halliday Liquor & Deli on Reche Road, Landers
Located in Landers, CA. with little to no other structures near by is a small but complete Mini-Mart named Halliday Liquor and Delicatessen.

Halliday Market sign Landers, CA.
Halliday Mini Mart sign, Landers, CA
About Halliday Liquor &Deli
Built in 1959 and occupying 1000 feet of building, with a fenced back yard and trailer for living on site this is a place right out of the old days of homesteading in the California Desert. The parking lot is dirt with a low fence along the road front and has lots of space 4.73 acres.
The building sits off of Reche Road a paved road which is rare in this area of Southern California.

Halliday Liquor & Deli Landers, CA.
A truly scenic desert drive.
Arriving from Yucca Valley the nearest town is a trip within it self, though quit easy and well worth it when you arrive. Take State Route 247 (2 lane highway) North from State Route 62 for 10.9 miles turn right or east on Reche Road for 0.2 miles, Halliday is on the left side next to a church and Landers Food Bank.

Halliday Liquor entrance
Enter the market here to meet great people.

We meet the kindest people working in a convenience store thus far.
They have operated this great liquor store business since August of 2013. They are the only business operators we have known since our discovery of the mini-mart upon our arrival in April 2014.

Ruling the Morongo Basin in Upper Mojave Desert, CA. one stop at a time,
Logic avatar Yucca Valley Catnip avatar Yucca Valley, CA.
Logic and Catnip

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