Thursday, December 04, 2014

Comply Don’t Die

Police have a job to do.
Police have children and wife’s they want to get back home to also.

Police request Comply Don't Die

If you needed a police officer, you would not hesitate to call one for any issue.

Advice from a middle aged white man.

In the recent news there has been plenty of coverage about light skinned police officers shooting and yes killing, dark to darker skinned men.

There are several things these shooting deaths each have in common.
The failure to comply with officer direction.
Each suspect also was in the middle of or had just committed a crime.
The history of the suspects each had prior charges.

Young people of all races and colors
Why do young people have a child and in these cases up to 5 children, yet they seem to have held down no meaningful job or at least one that would support 1 yet alone 5 children.
What kind of person would bring a child into a world that they know in advance they really cannot support. (I have no children, because I have never made enough money to bring one into, an even better word then the one I am in, and have had?)
Think with your brain, utilize it and keep your pants zipped men and woman. 

What is the Logic-al point here.
Logic feels this current issue is not one bit about race or color, but it is rather about an unwillingness to comply, continue these behaviors and you could die?

What do suspects say often in real police footage.
I was scared says many of the suspects, as well as, they do not respect me is another that I have viewed while watching nearly 7000+ hours over 20 years of real police and detective pursuits, interviews etc. footage.

Logic a white middle aged man has some things to say about today’s police officers as well.
Police of today have it tougher then when I was younger, true, but they also have changed quite a bit, some for the good and some not for the good.

Please allow me to share my POLICE thoughts;
Your position is civil servant.
The uniform of Adam-12 for those too young to have grown up with it, see YouTube Adam-12 show days has gradually been replaced with military body armor and to many items attached to the belt of today.
I also know times change and so must the uniform.
However what has clearly been removed from the cops of yesterday compared to today, is the attitude towards civilians including me, with no record or dislike for the general law enforcement provided to each US Citizen and illegal immigrants these days, I find most police officers to have a guilty until in cuffs attitude toward us all. The police officer of today (and I have no doubt) tend to display through their approach in the general public environment that it is an US versus THEM mentality.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 Yucca Valley, CA.

A Happy Thanksgiving from within the upper desert.
Thanksgiving Turkey

Welcome to the land of greatness, the land of Yucca Valley, California.

We would like to wish too all a happy and thankful Thanksgiving 2014.

Logic logo Catnip Logo
Logic and Catnip have much to be thankful again this year, but this year we are having our first Thanksgiving in the town of Yucca Valley, it is a town that is all about the people, greatness is abundant in the Morongo Basin southeastern inland region of southern California within the Mojave Desert.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween Twenty Fifteen Yucca Valley, CA.

Black Cat HalloweenYea Yucca!

This is a truly YEA YUCCA event.

We are having a Halloween 2015 event here in Yucca Valley, CA.
Friday marks the beginning of great treats for children and adults alike here in the Morongo Basin of the Mojave Desert.

We are expecting upwards of 300 trick or treat visitors at our home here in Yucca Valley, a happy night and a great way to meet even more new neighbors.

Learn the true meaning of what is Halloween, you might learn something you were not aware of.

Have a very Happy Halloween 2015.
Yea Yucca!

Logic Catnip
Logic and Catnip

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Living Life in Yucca Valley, CA. Remembrance Park

Triangle Prk dedication plaque
Discovering Remembrance (aka. Triangle) Park in Yucca Valley.

Hi friends,
We (Logic & Catnip) continue to enjoy our wonderful existence in the Morongo Basin region of the Mojave Desert in southern San Bernardino County, California.

Lets discuss this great park the smallest (Mini Park a town island separated by tar roads on all 3 sides of the triangle) and 1 of the 8 current parks open for all to enjoy.
Remembrance Park is located right along State Route 62 (a 4 lane highway also known as Twentynine Palms Highway) that runs from the Interstate 10 Freeway near Palm Springs, CA. and runs to the Colorado River nearest the Arizona Boarder.

Remembrance Park history:
Built before 1970 and upgraded in 1995.

Remembrance Park Address
Global location; GPS 34.1206, -116.4286617.
The park is located at a split in the road where State Route 62 curves and Yucca Trail begins, Apache Trail ends at this park, and this is likely also how it received its first name Triangle Park caused by this split in the road.

Remembrance Park aka. Triangle Park point
Remembrance Park size:
0.2 square miles and is the shape of a triangle.

Remembrance Park aka. Triangle Park flag pole
Remembrance Park features
This park has a flag and pole with night lighting.
This park has several concrete benches along the concrete path.
This park has a concrete walking and bicycle path through it.
This park has a drinking fountain.
This park has some shade trees.

The park has not one but 2 separate additions that make this park very special and important to visit when in or heading through Yucca Valley.

Remembrance Park Veteran's Plaque
Veterans remembered
First and foremost is that the park is lined with bricks, nit just any bricks but remembrance bricks from those whom have served the US Military and are Veterans. (stop please and read a name out load to share with others)

Smilodon Fatalis saber tooth tiger yucca valley ca
Saber Tooth Tiger
Second is the tiger sculpture from a famous artist, the extinct Smilodon Fatalis, a saber tooth tiger that lived 1.6 million to 10,000 years ago, weighed 350 to 620 pounds in the Northern America’s has been meticulously recreated by artist Antone Martin (1887-1961) and today this statue is placed near the western point of the triangle at Remembrance Park.

Remembrance Park Veteran's bricks inscribed
Taking time to see the details in life.
In our very busy human existence today it seems to be of too much effort for many to stop and enjoy the history that makes up each town or city that in part makes America the great country it is truly is.

Lance Conway & Patrick Lara
Logic at Triangle Park - Yucca Valley, CA.
Catnip at Triangle Park - Yucca Valley, CA.
aka. Logic and Catnip
Yucca Valley California

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