Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

We wish all a very happy and prosperous new year in 2014.

We are Viper Logic home to Logic and Catnip and if your 2013 year was not a good one, you have the opportunity to make the New Year 2014 a great one.

From us in the California Desert we wish you a Happy New Year,

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Logic & Catnip

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas Logic

We wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas 2013 from the California Desert.

L = 01001100
O = 01001111
G = 01000111
I = 01001001
C = 01000011

We love each and everyone,

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Logic & Catnip

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Palm Springs Nudist

Are you looking to cash in on the bare minimum that is nudity, gay, straight, swinging, exploring, and sex, then look no further.

Naked Logic
Palm Springs LGBT or Palm Springs Straight.

Read the down low reason
Make these two domain names your new business, or, just maybe you already have a business catering to the nude world within Palm Springs, these names developed correctly will add to your daily traffic, awareness, and income.

Palm Springs Nudist
Palm Springs Nudists

Hot weather and hot bodies, or works of art, you name it.
These are both hot topics in a very sexual and exploratory way for a very gay friendly city in the always sunny (350+ days a year) California desert vacation destination. Palm Springs, California.

We own not one, but two .com domain names and they are sexy hot on fire for the topic of hooking up in in Palm Springs, from swinging straight couples to flaming gay couples, this is it.

A true Christmas sale at 699.00 USD each plus escrow service.



Buy one or buy them both to cover your assets
Buy these two domain names to cover a naked topic for all things nude, and buy these names with security and coverage through our escrow brokerage to insure that you are not going to get ripped off with your purchases.

Nudist defined

Keyword values:
These two domain names are well defined to bring traffic on targeted topic. The way it works is shared at Domain Name Assistance where you will learn what a keyword top level domain name means to any websites success.

Geo location: Palm Springs

Topic of interest: Nudist Nudists
.com domain name endings, the most favored by search engines, trusted and typed by people searching for these words.

Buy one or both of these domain names with safety at SEDO.com by clicking on the actual domain names below.
Palm Springs Nudist .com
Palm Springs Nudists .com

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Thank you and have a Merry Christmas,

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Palm Springs Aerial Tram

Domain Name for SALE

Buy Palm Springs Aerial Tram .com here
$2999.00 USD.

Palm Springs Tram
This is a one time never offered domain name that we have been offered $1500.00 for and turned down while we have owned the domain name since October 2005.

Palm Springs, California
The city is a major tourist destination 350 days of desert sunny days with an International Airport and the place of hipsters, the annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, Coachella Fest Music and Arts Festival, and Stagecoach Country Music Concert, and Modernism week and structures throughout the city of Palm Springs.

Annual Palm Springs Tram ridership is over 331,000 people (that is a lot of annual exposure for any business)
Millions view the sites about the Aerial Tram and still 331,000 ride in the cars each year, and they all nearly use the Internet to learn about the Aerial Tramway before taking the cable cars that travel from an altitude of 2,643 feet to 8,516 feet climbing up Mount San Jacinto, learn more about the tram and Palm Springs, CA. here at Palm Springs Tram or visit PSTramway.com

Major growth area Palm Springs, CA.
With 5 major hotel additions committed to the Palm Springs area and 1000’s of home under development currently sharing the continued growth for the Coachella Valley Palm Springs area is exploding.

Be a part of the millennial movement that is becoming Palm Springs by starting a keyword high traffic site that utilizes the name Palm Springs Aerial Tram.

Learn more about how domain names are rated by search engines and how building a site that will be utilized by people on the move via mobile at domain name assistance.

BUY this domain name safely through a broker SEDO.com, and begin your business online, or utilize this domain name to enhance an existing business that needs to grow more.

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