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Memorial Day Yucca Valley, CA. 2015

Memorial Day Yucca Valley
Memorial Day 2015 thought.
Thank you who sacrificed your lives, so we could have ours.

United State of America
This is America.

To be an American is to be very proud of our safeguard structure that includes, those in government positions requiring thoughtlessness of one self, taking great risk around the globe and sometimes in space, so this great country can continue to aid Americans and all human kind for what is clearly a better tomorrow.

God bless each of you and God bless America.
Logic and Catnip.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Racist White Men Speak Out

Logic and best friend Catnip are very racist.

Racism is the top topic of discussion
This occurs mostly in the media, organizations, groups, politicians, and community leaders.
All of these people are in the for profit business, at yours and our expense.

Why are a 50 year old pair of white men racist?
The answer is easy and the solution to solve all racism could be even easier.

Behavior is the true result that is leading to one being disliked, hated or ignored, but you will notice that it is not racism that is the issue.
Sorry community organizers and other for profit groups including media televised and social, you are really not going to like our conclusion about racism’s core truths.

Skin color, sexual orientation, sex type, religion and anything else that one can concoct is not the real reason people do not like certain others.

The real reason people do not like others, and the actual reasons that people feel like they do about others (different from themselves) is right in front of us all, it is bad behavior conveyed through words and actions.

Lets take a look at a case or more.
A man likes a woman and they decide to have a child, only problem is they are not making a living to support themselves, yet alone a financial ability to provide a future and life for that child, so they, at this point, should stop and think, we should really get our finances in order first, then we can get married (or not) and finally have a child and work hard to secure that child’s future.
In a world where common sense and moral responsibility prevail, this would be the case, however.

His and her failure to look beyond the sex act, her inability to keep her legs closed, his and hers to use contraception, at least until there is a male or female provider, and so begins the results that are going to last a lifetime for generations of the same actions, as this becomes all the children grow up to know generation after generation.

Children grow up to be and do what their parent or parents do through their own actions.

Thank you government services, and thank people with no dignity.
What happens in reality is people just go ahead and have that child, and in many cases, 5 to 8 children later + or -, they are still not working (or maybe part-time for little money), the father or fathers are long gone, the children have 3 to 8 fathers and none of them are around to provide both the father figure and financial supports. (it requires both)
Hello government services.
Financial support is only provided from the government services. Life for this mother and by default the 5 to 8 children she produced is destined for an almost 100% failure.

Honestly and truthfully baring winning the lottery, your life is over through this decision and yet, we still have another example to share.

Here comes how behavior is converted into racism by the talking heads of the fabricated race game.

Excuses are utilized by many.
We see both in regular people like us and you, as well as the rich and famous. Excuses range from I was abused to I was raised by a single parent to the, you name it to best fit your situation (excuse).

Racism is also an excuse used by many people that make bad choices along the path that is life, instead of looking into the mirror and saying hey you, I truly need to think about what I have done with my life this far, and make changes, painful and challenging as these changes might be, they are the only course of action that is going to work in the remaining years, that is your life.
Making positive changes is amazing, you would also be very surprised how much better you will feel about yourself and your future will never look brighter then at this point. 

Anger is also an excuse, and this maybe the most dangerous one of all.
Anger makes the human bitter, often resulting in being an outcast by their connections, and sets the course to either prison or death. Along the way however, this leads to still more bad choices, illegal activity’s like drug and firearm salesperson, sex trafficker, con or scam, robber or jacker, you can surely come up with still more hustles. These are best known as shortcuts to success, or so this false story is told to many a suckers.

Shortcuts have no path to success.

Addiction has become a relatively newer excuse for failure.
Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, and again there are surely other additions, like one of ours Logic smokes tobacco (no one is perfect).
Get off of it, or out of it, and get over it.

It is time to learn the language of the land.
This one is really a dear to our hearts topic, as we hear when out, many people citizens and illegal immigrant speaking in only their native tongue, they tend to only (if they are able) speak English when there is no other option in that circumstance.
People that speak in their native language (this also includes English speaking language in street slang) tend to live, shop within their native tongue communities, and this while legal, is a near guaranteed path to failure in society, and at best one would truly struggle to prevail from these communities into larger areas of opportunity.
In a predominantly English speaking language society when persons speak their native tongue when out in public they are alienating themselves, as well they making those that do not speak in that language feel as though they are being talked about, this does lead to anything good, it does also provide the assumption (fare or not) that these people sound uneducated.     

Gang activity is yet another path provided for people, by people generally close to you, that want to assure you are held down and far removed from your path to success.

Police are not the issue in regards to racism, it is more then likely an issue about your personal Behavior. See Police and you

Logic and Catnip are very racist towards any of the above negative activities and for this in the modern society makes us racists. If you display good behavior we would love to have you as our friends, we always have room for more friends.

Doing bad things is not always bad, or the end of the world, if these choices are done in moderation and they pose no threat or danger to others, go ahead, just know your risks.

People need to establish there own self-worth.
Respect must be earned, it cannot be given.

Thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts,

Racism Logic Catnip on racism
Logic and Catnip

Friday, April 17, 2015

Living Life in Yucca Valley Golf Course

Logic reporting in that life in Yucca Valley is great.

Golf Course Closed
This is a story about the water issues in California and the Yucca Valley Golf Course.

Current California Drought began in 2012
California drought is only part of this critical story about responsibility of water usage, especially when the area is in a dry arid desert in the inland southern California region, south eastern corner of the California Mojave Desert of San Bernardino California.

Truth be told, we Catnip and I, Logic have not been better nor happier.

Logic and Catnip have just completed our first year of residency here in Yucca Valley.
We moved into Yucca Valley from Palm Springs after being there since 1999, and after visiting the city since 1964.
Things in Palm Springs (like many tourist destinations) changed.
The weather became more humid due to growth, 124+ golf courses, to many annual visitors, and under quality of life the city became a place of too many gay, and too many minorities, even for Logic, this is saying a lot. I love everyone in moderation, oh and people must be good minded and kind to all.

Visit the town of Yucca Valley, CA.

Quality of life and sustainable is why we moved into Yucca Valley and we came for the business opportunities that have prevailed since relocating here in 2014.

However, we have an issue going on up here in the high desert that is not (in our view) a good thing.

Hawks Landing Golf Club at Blue Skies
Yucca Valley has a single 12 hole golf course (with a water lake feature and 58 home lots) that just reopened on March 15 2015 (1 year after we located into Yucca Valley, CA.) after failing during the March 2006 economic recession.

Visit Hawks Landing Golf Course Blue Skies Yucca Valley, CA.

The course originally opened in 1953.

The Brehm family project
Starting in July 2012 (the year the California drought started)
They bought the golf course out of bankruptcy for little more then the asking price of $470,000.00
The golf course is owned by the local newspaper owner and his wife. While I and Catnip have not yet met this couple, we get the impression from reading in print and from online that they are good, genuine, caring, charitable people.

High level of sustainability issues exist.
So it is of quit a surprise when people we believe to be good, buy up an old golf course near the heart of the small town of Yucca Valley and rehab it for very light play activity, regardless of the usage the course utilizes an estimated below amount of water resources, resources that are no longer available for water entertainment industries like water parks and golf courses. 

Quote from the November 2014 Hi-Desert Star
“It was also a goal of the Brehm family to reduce the water usage, so I have designated over 30 acres on non-irrigated native areas and only 60 acres of turf. By comparison, the previous course had over 100 acres of irrigated turf,” course designer Cary Bickler said.

Here are the issues that concern us.
Water usage is only part of the issue with this particular course being revived.
The golf course does not utilize reclaimed water, because one does not exist here.

Yucca Valley is in the middle of a sewage plant (water reclamation) development that would allow the town to remove the individual home, apartment, or business from septic services, as the town and the High Desert Water District including the Colorado River water people claim this is bad, OK. It does however allow the return of near 3000 acre feet of water annually to the ground water system, that would be a truer statement if no septic water was returned into the aquifer, however we know water does return currently an this means that the total over 3 phases of adding the sewage system 1000 acre feet phase 1, then 1000 more acre feet phase 2, and finally 1000 acre feet in phase 3.
So what is not real great here is that while Yucca Valley will regain somewhere between 1000 and 3000 acre feet of water.

Quote from the September 14 2013 Desert Sun
At roughly 60 acres, Shadow Mountain is a relatively small course. It pumped 396 acre-feet from its well last year, enough to fill more than 195 Olympic swimming pools.
Other courses in the area pump much more. Water district documents show that nearby Ironwood Country Club pumped 1,991 acre-feet last year, while The Vintage Club pumped 2,369.

One acre foot equals 325,851 gallons, average annual water usage for a suburban family household.

Beyond the water utilized by the Hawks Landing Blue Skies Golf Club.
We are concerned about the evaporation and its contribution to the added humidity that it is generating in Yucca Valley.

Homes and business landscapes in Yucca Valley, CA.
How people live in the Morongo Basin is they do not have pools (or very few exist), nor do they have green lawns or water hungry landscaping, so this is in part, the motivation for concern about the golf course.

Distance of travel from Palm Springs to Yucca Valley:
27.1 miles by highway 22 as the crow flies.
Palm Springs is a Low Desert, Yucca Valley is a High Desert.
Altitude mean sea-level average Palm Springs is 400 to 700 feet Yucca Valley 2500 to 3400 feet.
Humidity Palm Springs higher then Yucca Valley low near non existent. 
Temperature annual averages high and low.
Palm Springs High Temp 89 degrees
Palm Springs Low Temp 60 degrees
Yucca Valley High Temp 79 degrees
Yucca Valley Low Temp 51 degrees

Remember that Logic and Catnip love Yucca Valley, it is about the great people living here.

Logic golf coruse Catnip golf course
Logic and best friend Catnip

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Living Life in Yucca Valley Twentynine Palms Marine Base

Twentynine Palms Marine Base sign
Logic and Catnip reporting in with some great news out of Yucca Valley, California.

Twentynine Palms Marines in training
We love being near the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center located in Twentynine Palms, California.
Built in 1949.

Twentynine Palms Marine Base Buildings
This is the largest Marine Base on earth at 931.7 square miles of land area.

Logic and Catnip live in Yucca Valley, a town about 20 miles air west of the base where we share the same State Route 62 Highway a 2 lane highway that runs from the Interstate 10 Freeway to the Colorado River in Arizona (142.66 miles in total length).

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Blast Ice-Cream
We enjoy often sitting around the outdoor table at the local Sonic Drive-In restaurant here in Yucca Valley that also shares this same State Route 62 talking often to Marines, their friends and family while enjoying a Sonic Blast Ice-Cream and watching the military vehicles of many types pass by, coming and going from the base heading to other bases nearer the coastline of California.

Practice does make perfect
When the base is in training of soldiers, they utilize many heavy artillery weapons, tanks, night flares, you name it and this is a sight during night training as well as the explosive sounds and vibrations felt here 22 miles from the actual base, we love every bit of it, after all the base was started here well before most any living person today.

Twentynine Palms Marine Helicoptor
Looking overhead from the Sonic Drive-In or right from our home, we often see three various models of helicopters fly over as also sit in the flight plan for helicopters heading west from the base, they fly low so this is very exciting to watch as well.

Twentynine Palms Marine Convoy Yucca Valley, CA.
What makes living in Yucca Valley so great again comes back to the people, in this case the Marines that we meet, they live, shop and eat here in Yucca Valley, many are our neighbors, those tend to be the higher ranking officers that live off base with their families. Everyone of these military members, even the base support contractors are very nice to us always.

Yucca Valley has a public airport
The airport located at a means sea-level of 3224 feet with one main measures in at 4363 feet in length and 60 feet in width and while it mostly supports single and twin engine propeller planes we have seen helicopters and a twin engine small jet land there as well.
See and even visit our wonderful airport Yucca Valley Airport

Logic loves aircraft, grew up with them as a commercial and defense machined parts contractor and that early part of my life created a real respect for these wonderful fling machines.

After our last article and opinion about Living Life In Yucca Valley Local Radio Station, we thought we should get back to what we love about living here, the people and the goings on around the greater Morongo Basin.

Love always,
Logic and Catnip

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