Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving in Yucca Valley, CA.

Logic and best friend Catnip wish all a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving 2015.
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Yucca Valley, CA

This is post number 700 for the Logic’s Blog, not some contest, just posting what is worth sharing.

Special Announcement
Post 701 will be the announcement of our product Machined In America, check back in in a few months to see what we are launching, and we hope you can get as excited about these great products as we are and you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy machining them. 

We are encouraging families this Thanksgiving family and friends get together to quiz the younger children and millennial adults on what the meaning of Thanksgiving is about and how it got started here in the great country.

See if schools and colleges are living up to their hype or your expectations.

Have a great week, skipping for the 52 year, the whole Black Friday (it is raciest) thing and Cyber Monday (it is encrypted) thing, but you do not have to.

Updates coming for our generational hand it down, American Made Products a luxury line of goods from, quality and precision takes time when PASSION is your business.

Logic and Catnip

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to win the 2016 Presidential election

Hi friends and Family of Logic.

Today’s post is going to be straight and too the point.

U.S. Presidential Seal
You are a Republican or Democrat running for the highest elected office in America.
To become President of the United States.

You need the young voters, and you need a single item, that will have you as the candidate standing out, above all of the other candidates, what do you do?

Edward Snowden American Hero
You promise to return and provide Edward Snowden a full presidential pardon and reentry into the USA with no charges.

You will win with the great and usually young, millennial people on

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Viper Logic American Machined products updates coming in November 2016.

Logic for SnowdenCatnip for Snowden
Logic and best friend Catnip.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How I mastered the perfect pour

Hi and happy Monday, my personal favorite day of the week.

I was once asked why do address each day with happy attached to the beginning?
It is really simple today for me to share how this came about, and only now am I willing, or able to share this with you.

Monday is a day of interaction with other humans, thus Happy Monday, though truth be told I also say Happy Tuesday and so on throughout the week, as implied in the above sentence.

Quote for success in relations.
“You must first love one self to be able to share love with another”

Pyrex Perfect Pour
Now moving on to what this articles title is all about.
How Logic mastered the perfect pour.
To start with I live with my best friend of over 40 years and he (Catnip aka. Patrick Lara) loves food a lot, and I personally love food, but good quality and healthy selected foods required.

Note to my dear friends and family about food consumption.
The world has added a new entertainment event, and this event that did not exist so much a few decades ago (1980’s forward).

This event is more deadly then my favorite habit smoking cigarettes (Actually I roll my own (machine rolls about a carton 200+ cigarettes an hour, cost $11.00, healthier choice priceless) and they are chemical free including the pre-made filtered tubes).

The health issue is dining out. this is a big part of the cause of the now over 1/3 of people being over weight.
The largest reason for this results from the below, summed up in a few brief (3) paragraphs.

Dining out/pick up/delivery 1
The reason food while dining out seems to taste so much better then cooking at home, it is loaded with stuff you would not add while cooing at home.
Dining out/pick up/delivery 2
Eating out one tends to over indulge say eating everything or eating all of the bread or adding a desert even cocktails to the order.
Dining out/pick up/delivery 3
Nearly all of those dishes ingredients you are consuming, while eating out come from 2 or 3 major bulk suppliers known as distributors, and the only difference in eating at one place over another is the way the dishes are prepared, and the selection the restaurant food buyer orders based on a grade scale of quality ingredients.

Back to the perfect pour.
I love to cook and cook I do, I cook lunch 6 days a week, dinner 7 days a week and often, I utilize a measuring cup (a PYREX) that holds 2 cups of measurable contents thought the measuring cup actually holds 2-1/4 cups of contents. (Very healthy and very cost saving, that is our reward in building our American Machined Luxury Goods line of American Made consumer products).

My measuring cup, mostly utilized for measuring water and rice as I make 1 cup of rice multiple times per week, requires a half cup of Basmati Rice and 1 cup of tap water (you can and I have, for the special night dinner, Saturday night usually BBQ night, am known to utilize chicken or beef broth sold in box for instead of water) have finally figured out the perfectly mastered pour.

You can measure water in a measuring cup and I still do, some masters know what a cup of water is right out of the tap, I am still an apprentice, so the measuring cup is my perfect pour training wheels. I run water from the tap watching the measuring cup height memorizing it and then checking the side measures that are painted in red up to 2 cups on the outside of the measuring cup to verify my amounts until I finally got it right day and week end and week out for months, now and that is how to master the pour.

This next year I hope to leave the measuring cup and begin the direct from tap poor to perfection in water measurements.

Thank you and come back for more life lessons.
The purpose of this article is that you can learn much in life, but you can also master crafts through applying effort (stop learning through reading/watching and start doing) and our favorite around here PASSION to be the best of the best at what it is you wish to accomplish and master in our short lives on this great planet.

Perfect Pour Logic
Have a great rest of the week,
Logic (aka. Lance Conway)

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Viper Logic American Machined - Yucca Valley, CA.

Machined in America.
Yes our products are machined in America, this means it is also Made in America.
American Machined Flag
Welcome back friends and family of Viper Logic.
American Made Luxury Goods information.

We have been busy working on our first US Made Product.
Spending on the machine tools and such.
Working with our longtime friends at our branding company vendor in Washington State as we gear up to begin production for our single retailer, as well as for our under development online store at Viper Logic.

Running behind, more updates coming at the end of October.

Thank you all for hanging in there as we get our first video up on Youtube and begin posting progress images to Instagram, as well as our Viper Logic website and of course this blog.

Never too small to succeed is our goal.
Do not expect a giant manufacturing plant out of the two of us.
We are developing and then applying all of our learned skills from design, to programing G-Code (a Computer Numerical Control or CNC software language) , to cad modeling, to geology, to machining, to branding, to marketing, to assembly, even packaging per our sole retailers specifications.

Details about our environment.

How small are we talking?
This is Yucca Valley, CA.
We are doing all of this from our 1200 square foot rented house, actually only one extra bedroom, a living room, and 125 feet of our 200 foot garage (my guess then is about 400 square feet of space).
Our goal here is to show with effort anyone can go from nothing to something more.

American LogicAmerican Catnip
Logic & Catnip
Lance Conway and Patrick Lara

Yea Yucca!

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