Tuesday, January 27, 2015

THC Strength Tester

Marijuana THC level testing
Happy and safe portable marijuana THC levels test detectors

Viper Logic Yucca Valley, CA.
Hi my name is Logic, we are Viper Logic Corp. a computer software and hardware engineering and development company located in Yucca Valley, CA.

We are offering the sale of 2 domain names devoted to marijuana THC level detection.

Are you a medical marijuana user, seller, buyer, grower or are you just interested in knowing how much THC is in your marijuana selection, before you buy it?

Guess no more as there are many of manufacturers producing Portable THC Detection and Strength devices that will allow the medical and recreational users of this legalized product.

Know before you buy, this will prevent being sold a less then presented marijuana for the last and final time.

Today’s marijuana user is educated in what they are looking for and despite all of the fancy names given to the marijuana’s available, and there are many, it is not how much weed you get for your money, but rather it is all about how much what you get actually contains the ingredient THC.

Marijuana chocolate bars
We at Viper Names liken to compare the THC level in marijuana to the heath benefits of coco, that percentage in chocolate bars can be very little 2% or as high as 90%, and high end chocolate bars print right on the front of the wrappers what percentage is in that bar. 

We have two domain names devoted to helping people, consumers, sellers, and growers find their websites through search terms that will be utilized by buyers in the coming months as many portable THC detectors will begin rolling off of the assembly lines from America and China.

Only those selling the detectors that are easy to find and are not wanting to pay for placed advertizing spaces on social and search engines are going to profit from this growing demand.
Do not be left out, and by all means, do not let the competition beat you out of the sales of these great portable THC Detectors.

Thank you,
Marijuana Logic Marijuana Catnip
Logic and Catnip.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year 2015 Yucca Valley, CA.

Yucca Valley, California

Logic see snowfall at 1:40 PM PST, photos to come on Wednesday.

New Years 2015 Yucca Valley, CA.
We wish each end everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015.

The weather for the Yucca Valley area of the south western Mojave Desert of Southern California.
We are to receive our first snowfall of the 2014 year since moving here in early 2014 as a relocation from Palm Springs California on our way to our final destination in Landers, California about 12 miles north of Yucca Valley.

Weather Yucca Valley
We will see rain (less then a few inches) 12/30/2014 then snow (less then 1 inch into the 2000 foot altitude range) on 10/31/2014 and temperatures into the low 20 degree range for Tuesday and Wednesday and this should all come to pass by New Years Day.

Logic and Catnip live above 3100 to 3400 feet mean sea-level.

This will be the first time Logic (in 51 years) has seen snowfall, however this California native has seen snow on the ground and played in it and in fact Catnip has seen snowfall played, drive, and even show skied in it when we were both younger.

Images of snowfall from Yucca Valley to be posted here on the 31st of December 2014. (we are just awaiting the arrival of the snow)

Happy New Year 2015.
Logic for New Years 2015 Catnip for New Year 2015
Logic and Catnip

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 Yucca Valley, CA.

Welcome to Christmas in Yucca Valley, CA.

Christmas Tree Yucca Valley

This is our live tree, she is about 6 feet tall and we are loving the tree nearly as much as our 2 cats Dakota and Tiny.

Logic Christmas Catnip Christmas
This is Logic (aka. Lance Conway) and best friend Catnip (aka. Patrick Lara) wishing all a very Merry Christmas from Yucca Valley, California.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Comply Don’t Die

Police have a job to do.
Police have children and wife’s they want to get back home to also.

Police request Comply Don't Die

If you needed a police officer, you would not hesitate to call one for any issue.

Advice from a middle aged white man.

In the recent news there has been plenty of coverage about light skinned police officers shooting and yes killing, dark to darker skinned men.

There are several things these shooting deaths each have in common.
The failure to comply with officer direction.
Each suspect also was in the middle of or had just committed a crime.
The history of the suspects each had prior charges.

Young people of all races and colors
Why do young people have a child and in these cases up to 5 children, yet they seem to have held down no meaningful job or at least one that would support 1 yet alone 5 children.
What kind of person would bring a child into a world that they know in advance they really cannot support. (I have no children, because I have never made enough money to bring one into, an even better word then the one I am in, and have had?)
Think with your brain, utilize it and keep your pants zipped men and woman. 

What is the Logic-al point here.
Logic feels this current issue is not one bit about race or color, but it is rather about an unwillingness to comply, continue these behaviors and you could die?

What do suspects say often in real police footage.
I was scared says many of the suspects, as well as, they do not respect me is another that I have viewed while watching nearly 7000+ hours over 20 years of real police and detective pursuits, interviews etc. footage.

Logic a white middle aged man has some things to say about today’s police officers as well.
Police of today have it tougher then when I was younger, true, but they also have changed quite a bit, some for the good and some not for the good.

Please allow me to share my POLICE thoughts;
Your position is civil servant.
The uniform of Adam-12 for those too young to have grown up with it, see YouTube Adam-12 show days has gradually been replaced with military body armor and to many items attached to the belt of today.
I also know times change and so must the uniform.
However what has clearly been removed from the cops of yesterday compared to today, is the attitude towards civilians including me, with no record or dislike for the general law enforcement provided to each US Citizen and illegal immigrants these days, I find most police officers to have a guilty until in cuffs attitude toward us all. The police officer of today (and I have no doubt) tend to display through their approach in the general public environment that it is an US versus THEM mentality.

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